KW Jacobs is a member of the the Master Builders Association. The Master Builders Association is Australia’s major building and construction industry association—and Australia’s oldest industry association.  Founded in the early 1870s in Melbourne, Sydney and Newcastle, the movement quickly grew in each state and territory before being federated nationally in 1890. In the ACT Master Builders was formed in 1925.

Since that time, the Master Builders has grown to over 30,000 members, with offices in all major cities of Australia.  It employs over 400 experienced staff with qualifications in a diverse range of disciplines including building, engineering, law, management, economics, marketing, accounting, industrial relations, safety, building surveying and training.

The Master Builders Association of the ACT is part of the national Master Builders Federation.  Each Master Builders operates independently to ensure that they service the needs of their local members.

Master Builders ACT has members from five sectors, these are:

  • Residential Builders
  • Commercial Builders
  • Civil Contractors
  • Sub-Contractors/Trade-Contractors & Suppliers
  • Professional consultants

In addition to these the Master Builders has an associate membership for retirees and students that enjoy basic services provided by the association.

You can find more about the HIA on their website.