The roof of a building makes up about 40 per cent of its external surface and is the most important part of the building’s defence against the elements. Because you rely on of your roof, it is important to know the difference between roof coating and roof repairs.


Roof coating (or roof painting) can make your roof look attractive and may increase your property’s value but it will not address structural issues with your roof such as a cracked roof tiles or mortar. If you have cracked roof tiles or mortar and it is not fixed, roof leaks can cause problems that will be expensive to resolve, such as water damaged ceilings, and can be dangerous if water comes into contact with electrical wiring or fittings.  Roof coating not only doesn’t fix problems, it can make them worse. Before a roof is painted, the roof must be cleaned which is usually done with a pressure hose. If you have cracked tiles or motor the pressure cleaning will further undermine the roof’s structure which will cause more damage and increase the cost of repair.

If the roof is painted poorly, it may end up worse than before. Paint does not stick to glazed roof tiles in particular and there is a high chance of the paint peeling off, meaning you have to pay for another respray and have the process start again.


If your roof mortar is cracked or damaged, the roof needs to be repointed. Any cracked or chipped tiles should be replaced. KW Jacobs has one of the largest range of second-hand roof tiles in Canberra. We can help you to match the replacement tiles with your current roof tiles so your roof will look perfect.

If your roof has significant wear or damage, re-roofing may be the most cost-effective option. Most roof coatings will last 5-10 years before they deteriorate and then you have pay to have your roof repainted. Both concrete and terracotta roof tiles have 50 year performance guarantees. Because the colour of a terracotta roof tile comes from the clay the roof tile is make from terracotta roof tiles will keep their colour for the entire life of the tile if maintained properly and should never need to be painted..