Terracotta roof tiles and concrete roof tiles are both excellent solutions for a Canberra roof. While both will provide great advantages for your Canberra home, there are significant differences between the two. We have assembled some information on the differences between terracotta roof tiles and concrete roof tiles to assist you in choosing the right roof tile for your needs.


Concrete roof tiles are usually the cheaper option. Concrete roof tiles are tough and come with a 50 year performance guarantee as standard from the manufacturers. You can be secure in the knowledge that your concrete roof tiles will stand up to the heavy storms and even hail with almost no wear compared to other roofing materials. Concrete roof tiles also have the widest range of colours and styles.


Terracotta roof tiles are generally more expensive, however there are very good reasons to invest in them. Unlike painted concrete roof tiles, terracotta roof tiles are made out of baked clay. The terracotta roof tile gets its colour from the clay it is made from, which means they will retain their colour for the entire life of the roof tile. If you decide to sell your property, the reputation for quality and colourfastness of Terracotta roof tiles will be a big selling point, increasing the value of the property. Terracotta roof tiles also come with a 50 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Both terracotta and concrete roof tiles provide excellent heat insulation, saving you money on your heating and cooling. Both roof tiles are also excellent sound insulators so they will keep the traffic and neighbourhood noise out. Both roof tile materials are frost resistant so you can rest easy in the coldest Canberra winter without having to worry about your roof. Neither concrete or terracotta roof tiles will rust, warp or corrode like a metal roof might. Because the roof is composed of individual tiles, if some the roof is damaged or you need to modify the roof, such as putting in a skylight, you only need replace or remove the affected tiles instead of having to replace or modify the entire roof section like you would with a metal roof. Roof tiles are non-combustable and, combined with high-quality and properly installed roof sarking, will help protect your home against bushfires.