A roof tile conceived to satisfy the needs and preferences of building professionals, the Curvado tile is available in two sizes and has a wide variety of unique features. Manufactured from the highest quality clays, this range features tiles with distinctive colours and finishes unique to the La Escandella collection. The Curvado incorporates a modern interlocking design, while still replicating the traditional pan and cover tile that been so dominant on European and Mediterranean buildings over the centuries. The large profile of the Curvado tile ensures a look of absolute permanence and grandeur.


Length (mm) 470mm
Width (mm) 286mm
Height (mm) 60mm
Watercourse Width 59mm
Average Weight / Unit 3.9 kg
Units per square metre 11.1
Average Weight per square metre 40.95 kg
Minimum Head Lap 63mm
Maximum Head Lap 77mm
Minimum Pitch with Sarking 20o – 90o
Minimum Pitch without Sarking N/A
Bonding Method Straight Bond