Originating in this France, the Grande combines versatility and simplicity in a classic style terracotta roof tile. The Grande tile continues the proud tradition of the tile maker’s craft, offering a tile that suits a range of architectural styles.Its sharp clean lines and natural terracotta colour palette give the Grande a timeless look that has resulted in its enduring popularity. Offering the colour longevity and style of terracotta, the Grande is ideal for homes of distinction.


Length (mm) 466mm
Width (mm) 260mm
Height (mm) 55mm
Watercourse Width N/A
Average Weight / Unit 4 kg
Units per square metre 10.5
Average Weight per square metre 42 kg
Minimum Head Lap 61.5mm
Maximum Head Lap 71mm
Minimum Pitch with Sarking 10o – 90o
Bonding Method Cross Bonded