Planum creates a look of simplicity and elegance with duo tone, aged and monotone colour options developed to complement the sleek, refined shape of the Planum profile.  Due to it’s innovative design and size, the Planum tile is easier and faster to install, lowering installation time and the costs involved.  Furthermore the highly weatherproof design means it can be applied to a roof with a pitch as low as 20 degrees.


Length (mm) 450mm
Width (mm) 280mm
Height (mm) 32mm
Watercourse Width 40mm
Average Weight / Unit 3.8 kg
Units per square metre 11.1
Average Weight per square metre 40.66 kg
Minimum Head Lap 75mm
Maximum Head Lap 110mm
Minimum Pitch with Sarking 20o – 90o
Minimum Pitch without Sarking N/A
Bonding Method Cross Bond