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Our Roof Tiling Solutions

Complete Range Of Roof Tiling Solutions

KW Jacobs offers a complete range of roof tiling solutions from installations to repairs. Regardless of the size or scope of your roofing project, you can rely on us to get the job done right.

New Roof Installations

With over 80 years of tile roofing experience, you can rely on the expertise of our professional roof tilers. We specialise in new roofs, ensuring expert workmanship across every aspect of the roofing project. 

You may choose from our wide range of quality roof tiles with concrete or terracotta options in an array of colours and styles. We have roof tiles to suit your taste and budget and are happy to give you our expert advice, so you can feel confident in your choice.


If your roof requires modernisation or major repairs, reroofing is a cost-effective solution. Our team will add style, safety and value to your property with reroofing services using our leading brands of tiles. If your roof has rare or old tiles which are hard to match, reroofing can be a practical way of improving your roof. 

Our roofers can also install new battens and roof sarking which offers a range of benefits including reflecting radiant heat, fire protection and providing a barrier against wind-driven rain, dust and debris. We rely on only quality roof sarking products which are installed in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.2:1994 Pliable Building Membranes and Underlay’s, Part 2 Installation Requirements.

Rebedding and Pointing

To maintain your roof’s structure, roof pointing and bedding must be in excellent condition. Loose ridge caps are often a sign that your roof will need rebedding. Without it, the bedding can crack or fall away to leave the ridge caps unsecured and dangerous. Roof pointing is the second layer which is laid over the top of the bedding. Pointing creates a stronger hold for the ridge caps and seals the roof against water and dust.

Cement mortar may be used in the past for roof pointing, but since 1995 Australian roofers have used flexible pointing compounds which offer superior protection. With Canberra’s extreme weather conditions, pointing can crack which will lead to leaks and water damage. If your property has cement mortar pointing, we suggest that your roof is repointed.

Painting Vs Roof Repairs

If your roof requires some TLC, how can you know if it requires repainting, rebedding & repointing or reroofing? 

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    Painting or coating doesn’t fix any of the roof’s structural problems, instead it simply refreshes the appearance of the roof without addressing any roof tile issues.

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    As your roof makes up about 40% of your property’s external surface, it’s important to make sure it’s properly maintained so you can protect your home against the elements.

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    Damaged roof tiles, cracked mortar and old roof sarking can create a range of serious problems including roof leaks which can cause water damage and electrical issues. 

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    If you have your roof painted without tiles being repaired, it can lead to greater issues with the structure of your roof due to the pressure cleaning process. 

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    For roofs with major damage — or those with old or rare tiles that are hard to replace — reroofing can be a smart solution. 

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    Repointing & rebedding services are necessary when the roof points and bedding are old and ineffective.

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    If you just have a few broken tiles, our team at KW Jacobs can also easily fix those issues. We offer one of the largest range of second-hand roof tiles in Canberra, so we can easily match the replacement tiles with your current roof.  

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    With proper maintenance, your roof will look good for years to come and help insulate and protect your property from Australia’s often harsh and unpredictable climate.

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